Aakash Yadav

The Entrepreneur

Aakash Yadav

Aakash has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17. His firm Ancient Entrepreneur Global Private Limited has been relentlessly developing low cost housing for the middle class & low income families of India. The entire mission of his entrepreneurial ventures is to create housing & jobs for people in dire need.

His construction firm built a group housing project in Noida sector 62. Despite paying the top price for acquiring the land Aakash sold 10% of the flats to families Below Poverty Line at 50% cost.

Aakash continually searches for new techniques & technology to build housing at the lowest cost as he has a dream to build houses for the lowest strata of society. He believes that only after housing is secure for the poor further development efforts can be successful.

He understands that it will never be possible to run a successful business until the needs of many underprivileged in the society are being fulfilled. A young new vision along with intelligent execution of plans is something that is mission & vision of the organisation.

Edinburgh Business School

Business Graduate

Ancient Entrepreneur Global

Chief Executive Officer

Goethe Institue India

5 Year associate

Nagori Foundation for Women

Founder & CEO

The Philanthropist

Aakash has founded the Nagori foundation. The Nagori foundation is an NGO which works for women empowerment & education of underprivileged children. In the year 2018, over 5000 kids were fed by his efforts & contributions. Anytime there is a major event being organised by the NGO’s Aakash makes it his top priority to not only make the contribution but also to be present at the event so he can personally oversee the proceedings & enjoy the company of the children.

Aakash Yadav

The Social Activist

As the National Media Incharge for the Bhartiya Panchayat Party, Aakash Yadav is doing tremendous political activity to bring issues of the farmers to the limelight. As the central government has been very much focussed on developing the cities, Aakash has been driven by the thought that- ‘To develop the Nation, the villages have to be developed first.’

Akash uses the new age digital media to bring forward the problems of the farmers & their solutions. The news channels are ignoring the villages while giving unprecedented coverage to major cities. In such an environment more than half the population living in rural areas are never able to get their voice through.

The dream project for Aakash is a bank that will provide interest free loans to farmers in India without collateral. These loans will be able to provide a much needed support for farmer to create a livelihood & reduce farmer suicides.

Aakash has been actively involved in uniting the farmers and making them aware of their rights. He organizes and takes part in farmers protest and tries his best to help them solve their problems.