Facts worth knowing about Aakash Yadav

Politician of Delhi NCR

At a very young age, Aakash Yadav is progressing at a very fast rate to create his identity in the Delhi NCR region. He is establishing himself as an Entrepreneur Of Delhi NCR, philanthropist & social activist. There is a lot of ground that he has covered by getting involved in various projects like – low-cost housing for the poor, NGOs & foundations working for underprivileged children & women. However, he is still working endlessly to bring forth the issues of poor farmers that get neglected by mainstream media. Despite his life being a very public one, there are a lot of things that people are unaware of about Aakash Yadav.

Here we are sharing some facts about Aakash Yadav to provide a better insight into his life & mission.

Born in the village: A look at his Instagram account might make it seem like he is an international globe trotter, but he was actually born in a village of Uttar Pradesh. A village by the name of Sorkha is located close to Noida, that’s where Aakash Yadav was born in a farmer family. His upbringing in the village brought him very close to the problems of farmers & the struggle of people living in the villages. Things like no infrastructure or road connectivity in the villages made him realize the grassroots issues that hold back the progress of villages.

Learning Aficionado: Aakash developed the love of learning at a young age. Standing out in his school as a prolific student he went on to study at the most prestigious institutions of the world. He earned degrees from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland & Middlesex University London, England. By accumulating knowledge from different parts of the world that are considered developed nations Aakash Yadav gets a better perspective on nation building & overall economic growth models. His learning experience with eclectic degrees is the reason he is able to understand & implement new ideas in his entrepreneurial ventures & philanthropic efforts.

Entrepreneur Building the Nation: Aakash Yadav is a first generation entrepreneur who has single-handedly built one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Delhi NCR region in less than a period of four years. Aakash is a strong proponent of innovation and believes that innovation is the surest way to survive and compete in the highly competitive market of real estate. By implementing new innovation & techniques in his business the overall cost has been brought down to develop a sustainable housing solution for the poor & the middle class.

Young Philanthropist- Aakash believes in giving back to society. He feels that his good fortune is a result of blessings he has been receiving due to his philanthropic work. As per Aakash “The concept of philanthropy is not only about donating lots of money or creating big programs, those things are important but not the only way to help others. Philanthropy is also giving time for the causes you believe in, informing & educating others around you, & on the whole, making the world a better place to live in.

Social Politician: Aakash devotes a lot of time as National Media Incharge of Bhartiya Panchayat Party to disseminate knowledge & information about the struggles of farmers & villagers. Despite the expansion of media through internet & alternate sources, there is not much attention being provided about the farmer’s community of India. Aakash in conjunction with Bhartiya Panchayat Party is connecting with journalists & alternate news sources to communicate the shed light on forgotten farmer community & their struggles.

Aakash Yadav Politician

The above facts are the sum total of Aakash’s life that is divided between his different endeavors. Doing various tasks & performing different roles don’t seem to slow him down rather its works a fuel & the driving force that keeps pushing him forward to achieve more every day. He is expanding his horizons to do more for others & his business by putting in the necessary effort & quickly put himself in the position to truly help out in every cause that he has taken up.

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